Monday, January 13, 2014

adventures in alchemy query 7

Write 3 stanzas of unequal length on this topic:

The Unreal God and the Aspects of His Nonexistent Universe.


  1. The unreal god blinked his eyes. "But I AM real," he said to the few people within earshot. One shrugged his shoulders. "I AM!" he shouted, but no one heard.

    The universe kept on going and not going, being and not being, as was its way, and not.

    And the difference became aware of itself, flapping wings it had forgotten, carrying its burden of every possible metaphor, and this one.

  2. and the great sage
    climbed into the
    nearest tree to
    flee the heat-crazed
    elephant the
    King had loosed on

    Laughing, the king
    controlled the beast
    and told the sage,
    "Come down, it's safe.
    Though all the world's
    unreal, you claim,
    still you scampered

    "My King," the sage
    declared still perched
    upon his branch.
    "Whatever makes
    you think, the un
    real cannot harm
    that which is un