Saturday, January 25, 2014

Adventures in Alchemy #8

Visit your inner landscape.  Imagine going on a journey to your sub/unconscious playground.  Go through the door, hop the fence, round the bend, etc.  What do you meet?  What do they say?  What gifts do you offer?  What gifts do you receive?  Do any spirit animals or other guides offer themselves?


This is often done as a spontaneous first-person narrative.  For example, you can begin, making up the story as you go along, "I was walking down a road, turned the corner, and then...."  Hello archetypes!

Also, a piece of advice:  it is important to ground yourself to your physical reality before leaving it.  This can be done a variety of ways, mostly through resonating with your physical environment (kind of like marking your territory), and giving the intention of returning there.  One example is to cast a circle of energy around you.


  1. I've done this exercise a handful of times, and I usually wander in no particular direction, and it doesn't take very long, though I still feel I get a lot out of it.

    This time, however, I knew where I wanted to go, and it took a long time! It is so long! It is so long, there are too many characters to post here, so please, hopefully, do find it on my fb page here:

    I share this mostly because I think a journey to one's inner landscape is an awesome experience, and this was by far, the most intense and detailed journey I've had.


  2. Thanks for sharing this, Carey! I am very excited by my own personal exercise and want to post it here, but I still need to write it down in detail so I don't forget. ;) A day after I went through this exercise, I was looking up what some of the "typical" meaning is for some of the symbols in my journey and wow! Was it ever spot-on for some of my internal machinations very cool!! It also helped draw out some things I had not been aware of (and thus, could not yet ponder on). I really encourage people to do this one!!

  3. I look forward to reading yours, Shannon. I've done this a few times now, and to me, the stories are so simple, and yet so full of symbols.